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    • Portrait of Unidentified Woman in Black

    • Photography; Photographs; Photographic prints; Photographic studios; Photographic postcards; Photographers; Pictures; Portrait photographs; Portraits; Dresses; Jewelry;
    • 4" x 6" black and white photograph taken by Harrington & Casley Photographers in Nacogdoches, Texas. The young woman rests her right arm on a studio prop while looking off into the distance. The background contains a portion of a tree trunk...
    • The Faded Woman

    • Portraits; Photographs; Photography; Women;
    • A 6.5'' x 4.25'' cardboard backed, faded, black and white photograph of a women in a portrait style. The photograph is extremely faded, leaving the subject looking rather ghostly.
    • The Faded Woman

    • Portraits; Photographs; Photography; Women;
    • A 6.5'' x 4.25'' cardboard backed, faded, black and white photograph of a women in a portrait style. The photograph is extremely faded, leaving the subject looking rather ghostly.
    • A Stone City

    • Deserts; Water; City & town life; Stone buildings; Architecture; Rivers; Churches; Houses;
    • A city located near water and surrounded by rocks in a desert looking place. There are a few trees scattered through the city. The buildings in the city appear to have a stone look to them. Possibly taken in Spain.
    • Strike a Pose

    • Clothing & dress; Hat industry; Dresses; Women; Photographs; Portrait photographs; Portraits; Youth;
    • A full-length portrait of an unidentified young woman. She is standing against a backdrop of trees. She is wearing a full-length, long-sleeved dress in a dark color with a white collar and neckline and a hat to match. She stands with her left...
    • People viewing the Lunar Rock display

    • People; Exhibitions; Uniforms; Men; Women;
    • A group of men and women looking at the Lunar Rock display. The display was both in English and in Japanese. The rock was in a glass cylinder on a black container. One of the men was wearing a uniformed hat. Most likely part of the 1970 Expo, a...
    • Cason Letter to Thomas Family 1934

    • Correspondence; Health; Education; Children; Universities & colleges;
    • A letter from Maurine M. Cason to the Thomas family. The envelope is postmarked Beaumont, July 3, 1934 and has a 3-cent George Washington stamp and is addressed to Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Thomas, 2208 Isabella, Houston, Texas. Cason writes about being...
    • Jimmy Thomas Scrapbook

    • Scrapbooks; Albums; Photographs; Family; Children;
    • Blue scrapbook belonging to Jimmy Thomas, given to him on Christmas Day, 1932. There is a Native American scene on the front cover with an American Indian paddling a canoe. The scrapbook has a blue string binding and blue press board front and...
    • Mrs. Thomas viewing a Space Exhibit

    • Exhibitions; Astronauts; Women; Childhood & youth; Boys; Flags;
    • Mrs. Lera Millard Thomas is shown to be standing next to an exhibit about Americans in space. The exhibit has an American flag, astronaut uniform, and the different parts to the uniform. The wall is green with glass to protect the exhibit. There is...
    • Drewry to Thomas, Sept to Nov,  1936

    • Legislators; Letters; Telegrams; Correspondence; Government officials; Politicians; Politics & government; Committees; Victories; Political elections; Political organizations; Political campaigns;
    • Telegram and typed sent from P.H. Drewry, Chairman of the Democratic National Congressional Committee, to Albert Thomas in September and November 1936. In the telegram, Drewry congratulates Thomas on his election. In the letter, Drewry thanks him...
    • Glass wall with paneled ceilings

    • Architectural & site components; Architectural elements; Fairs; Roofs; Flags;
    • The view has a white bar with a large glass window behind the bar. There is a white paneled ceilings that has a tan colored screen to cover the upper part of the large glass window. There are multi colored flags outside which appears that the glass...
    • 1917-1918 Graduation Journal of Lera Millard

    • Scrapbooks; Schools; Football; Social life; Correspondence; Graduation ceremonies; Education; Sports; Students; Student organizations; Recreation; Young adults; Youth; Baseball; Architecture; Travel; Photograph albums; Photographs; Buildings;...
    • This is a published graduation journal for Lera Millard's senior year of high school, 1917 to 1918. It has a collection of classmate pictures and her activities during her last year of high school. "The Girl Graduate Hier Own Book" designed and...
    • Looking at a Car Exhibit

    • Automobiles; Educational facilities; People; Exhibitions;
    • Two men looking a car exhibit at a museum. The man on the left is wearing a hat with a black suit and red tie. The man on the right is wearing a white button down shirt with khaki pants and belt. The room has wooden panels on the ceiling with...
    • Two women gazing off to a distance

    • Women; Walkways; Flagpoles; Flags; Structures; Tourism; Fairs; Pavilions;
    • Two women stopped on a stone tile walk area, looking at something unknown. To the side of them are these blue, yellow, and orange structure which has a flag pole with a Spanish flag in front of it. This was presumably taken at the 1970 World's...


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